Our primary investment strategy:
Growth At the Right Yield™

G@RY is a disciplined, repeatable process (of investing) that produces enhanced dividends and total return with a lower risk profile than other actively managed equity funds. We deliver complete equity portfolios for clients, which we centrally monitor and manage. We consistently out-yield and often out-perform most "income" oriented mutual funds.

Quantitative Analysis

We use computer iteration and algorithmic rules based on over 40 years of experience to filter through and identify investment opportunities.
Our core screening algorithm ranks over 500 dividend paying stocks each day considering dozens of investment characteristics.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis remains a key pillar to our process. We rigorously study the fundamentals of success and failure in companies and more importantly their stock price. We are active and proprietary managers constantly honing our skills.

Portfolio Theory

Our portfolios are 100% equity, with 15 to 30 positions. Dividend Yield (cash flow) is consistently a multiple of the S&P, Beta <1 and Sectors are diverse. Our 10 year annualized return exceeds our target of 12%.
If we had to pick a common description for G@RY it would be "Large Cap Value". We would add High Yield, Low beta and Liquid.